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P and C meeting 24 May 2018

Minutes of the Parents and Citizens Association meeting held 24 May 2018.

Meeting attendance


Jo Cayzer, Karyn Barrett, Paul Champion, Jo Flick, Rita Clark, Nicole Cowley, Sam Cran, Bec Trindall, Diana Tuhura


Shandel Curtis

Meeting start

Greeting by President

Topics discussed

To Do List

  • Blinds for canteen area and quote via norm
  • Sheltered walkways
  • Lemon Trees


  • Ongoing
  • Karyn B to put in Norm's book again


  • Class borrowing has commenced at Primary library
  • Bec T raised issue of high school not having a library. Paul C said they are moving towards it but currently space is being used for Yr 7 class because no other class room is big enough.

Lockdown alarm

  • Request to change alarm to music after 30 sec needs to be approved by WHS committee.
  • Jo F suggested the high school chimes/beeps be used at the Primary school also to provide consistency and possibly less distressing for a high needs student.

Actions: Jo C to check with Trent whether this has been done


  • Staff happy with Woods Panel design but concern that material too hot, especially for boys in Summer
  • High school has no winter uniform but Diana was told that her grandson was issued with jumper and track pants. White shirts and jumpers all that can be bought from office.

Actions: (From previous minutes) Nada to source where cool climate uniforms were from

  • Paul to ask Carol why there is no uniform shop

Bus and drop off zone

  • Kaye Smith said 15min zone signs are on their way

Actions: Jo C to email traffic committee


  • P&C Charity night at RSL was assisted by Jodi Lee Hetherington.

Actions: More helpers needed, speak to Jo F

Language classes

  • Primary language teacher on leave
  • Years 9-10 doing well, community members to help with NAIDOC


  • Last weeks song inappropriate, should be children's song not pop song

Phones in class

  • Paul C said a quote of $3500 was given by Western Communication to put PA in all classrooms and walkie talkies. Awaiting decision from Nada

Royal Far West Bike Tour

  • Bec T went, said went well but disappointed cyclists were drinking alcohol in public park next to play equipment. Diana's daughter went and also disappointed by this


  • P&C to pass feedback on to Michelle Winston to pass on to the organisers of the event

School song

  • Students still not singing song. Words to be put up in Primary assembly.
  • Jo F asked why we can't use a more modern song like one students have written with Desert Pea, one song for both sites that students can learn and sing with pride.

Positions across sites

  • Jo C asked why positions that were meant to be across both sites were not being utilized by the Primary School
  • Paul C said that each site has its own finances and set of staffing and his position as Principal Teaching and Learning is based at the High school. But he is about to start scoping and sequencing with Donna DH and hopes to do this with other Primary teachers. Now that Nada is at the high school more he will be able to spend more time at the primary school
  • Paul C said this is the same situation for the Senior Leader Community Engagement position, it is based at the high school but that person can work across both sites
  • Jo C suggested the need for someone to co-ordinate parents of the infants children to come in to listen to the children read because those classes have lost their SLSOs.

SLSO position losses

  • Nicole C said she only has an SLSO for 30min a day despite her class being eligible for EAFS funding to be used on an SLSO. Students are not getting the opportunity to read as often and are slipping behind.
  • Karyn B said as a parent she is hearing her kindergarten child speak of more aggressive and physical behaviour in the class since they lost their SLSO. She knows of other schools in the same area as us who have an SLSO in each class
  • Rita C said she has been taken off Reading Recovery to do casual teaching because of staff shortages but she was being paid out of EAFS instead of casual funds
  • Bec T asked why canteen workers are paid SLSO rates instead of canteen rates as she was, that money should be going towards more SLSOs in classrooms

Actions: P&C to request Nada to review the situation and specifically why EAFS funding is not being used for SLSOs.

School Captain behaviour

  • Jo C asked about consequences for school captains and vice captains who display inappropriate behavior, and whether they were mentored

Actions: Jo C to follow up with Michelle Winston whether captains sign a code of conduct

Carpet Cleaning

  • Karyn B said carpet cleaning has not been done and it affects her daughter's skin condition. Paul C said to request this information from the WHS committee or the annual maintenance schedule

Actions: Karyn to follow up

Department response

  • Diana asked about departmental structures. Paul C said our new director is Chris Shaw, based in Dubbo, and Frank Potter, school improvement officer. Frank will release department's response to Walgett Council's bus suggestion saying that Walgett High school has full department support as the viable option for this area

Staffing issues

  • Due to staff shortages extra activities have not been happening
  • Paul C said this is a problem across whole North West, no casuals in town. Issue needs to be taken to State P&C and Teachers Federation


  • Nicole C to find out where sports equipment it
  • P&C to take issue to state level


  • President: Jo Flick; Secretary: Sam Cran; Treasurer: vacant

Next meeting & Annual General Meeting

  • Thursday 28th June 3.30 at the high school

Actions: SC to advertise and book room