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P and C meeting 22 March 2018

Minutes of the Parents and Citizens Association meeting held 22 March 2018

Meeting attendance


Jo Cayzer, Karyn Barrett, Paul Champion, Jo Flick, Michelle Winston, Ros McGregor, Ros Forrester, Rita Clark, Louise Skennar, Shandel Curtis, Nicole Cowley


Nada Dukic, Jenadel Lane

Meeting start

Greeting and minutes silence

Topics discussed

To Do List

  • Blinds for canteen area and quote via norm
  • Sheltered walkways
  • Lemon Trees
  • Book borrowing
  • Lockdown alarm song
  • Treasurer position

Actions: Ongoing


  • Staff happy with Woods Panel design but concern that material too hot, especially for boys in Summer
  • In email correspondence Jenadel indicated price for School Spec shirt cannot be cotton and is $48; black shorts that the high school can order from Target for $8 are basketball or cotton

Actions: (From previous minutes) Nada to source where cool climate uniforms were from

Bus and drop off zone

  • Jo C has been in contact with council. There will be a meeting next week with RMS, buses, school, council and P&C to determine where bus zone starts.

Actions: Ongoing


  • P&C Charity night at RSL was assisted by Jodi Lee Hetherington.

Actions: More helpers needed, speak to Jo F

Infants Playground

  • Date for working bee: Easter Saturday 9am. Kate will have everything ready to paint using templates on bricks.
  • P&C happy to reimburse Kate.

Actions: Jo C to advertise and to speak to Kate re reimbursement

Language classes

  • Michelle has informed all staff to participate in language class
  • Years 9-10 doing Board of Studies curriculum. Paul said needs more help from community
  • Language course for staff very positive, staff are incorporating more language. Michelle aims to welcome in language by end of year


  • Paul to present scope and sequence at SRG


  • Staff aware to be mindful of appropriateness of lyrics

Phones in class

  • In email, Jenadel indicated that Phones and Radio have not been investigated because Carol has been on leave but Lyndsay is working on it.

NDIS sessions

  • Michelle: 3 NDIS sessions on 27th March. Open to all community. See Flyer for details

Infants playground

  • Paul passed on that Nada said the Preschool cubby house is out of warranty and needs to be removed. She is still looking in to the Infants play equipment.

Harmony Day

  • An overall success but representatives from the Jimmy Little Foundation, Aunty Fran and Doreen Peters, felt the Foundation did not receive the acknowledgement they were due for all they have done for the school and community.
  • Those on the Harmony Day committee said they were unaware of their attendance and were told nothing external could be added due to time constraints.
  • Other feedback from the day was very positive from parents and staff. School captains to be commended for their role.
  • The Hall set up was more inviting.


  • Michelle will send a letter to the Jimmy Little Foundation expressing the schools sincere apologies and inviting them to NAIDOC celebrations. Jo F will also approach the Foundation to express apology.
  • Suggestion to use Jimmy Little Foundation cookbooks to cater for NAIDOC celebrations. Strategic Direction 3 to organize.

Upcoming events

  • Royal Far West Bike Tour 29th April
  • Easter Hat parade 29th April
  • Signal Creative arts program for girls in years 5-10

School song

  • Last year idea was raised to come up with new song. Ros M said this would open can of worms, just needs new beat.
  • Students don't sing the current song. Problems with old fashioned words and old motto and many don't know it. Kindy and K/1 have been learning the song.


  • Ros to speak to musical people about making the words fit. Karyn to email Ros the words
  • Teachers to teach song in class

Next meeting and Annual General Meeting

  • Thursday 3rd May 3.30pm at Primary School

Actions: JC to advertise and book room