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P and C meeting 22 February 2018

Minutes of the Parents and Citizens Association meeting held 22 February 2018

Meeting attendence


Jo Cayzer, Karyn Barrett, Aaron Mifsud, Doug Armstrong, Mora Pieterse, Bec Trindall, Jenadel Lane, Paul Champion, Jo Flick, Patti Walford, Nada Dukic, Michelle Winston


Ros McGregor, Erin Hopkins, Rita Clark, Scott Hawkins

Meeting start

Greeting and minutes silence

Topics discussed

To Do List

  • Blinds for canteen area and quote via norm
  • Sheltered walkways

Actions: Ongoing

Lemon Trees

  • Need trimming to provide visibility and lemons being thrown
  • Nada: Can we get rid of them altogether?

Actions: Nada to speak to Norm

Book borrowing

  • Not happening. Kindy has book bags but need some more.

Actions: Jo C to ask Janet W


  • Staff happy with Woods Panel design but concern that material too hot, especially for boys in Summer
  • Jenadel asked about new shirt for High school. Previous design knocked back due to cost and material.
  • Jo C: Lyndsay had been looking in to whether School Spec design could be made with cotton back
  • Jenadel: Highschool needs to order black shorts that can be sold at office
  • Karyn asked about material for children with allergies/special needs that prevent them wearing polyester


  • Nada to source where cool climate uniforms were from
  • Jenadel to talk to Lyndsay and Kylie about shirts and shorts
  • Jenadel to find out where St Josephs uniforms made

Year 6 Presentation

  • Frames and certificates were appreciated

Discipline Policy Survey

  • ¬†Results given to Nada

Actions: JC to present at next meeting

Bus/ drop off zone

  • Changes approved but no timeline given
  • Jo C has emailed Council

Actions: Ongoing


  • P&C will run Charity night at RSL each Wednesday organized by Jo F. Involves selling tickets for Badge draw and meat raffle. RSL will donate $1200 at end of year.

Actions: More helpers needed, speak to Jo F

Infants Playground

  • Kate Squires is making templates

Language classes

  • Patti asked if teachers were allowed test students during language class
  • Nada: Teachers to be involved in class, learning and supporting students

SLSO and AEO roles

  • More support needed on Year 2 (Patti); AEOs needed in class more (Bec)
  • Internal EOI to go out for AEO position at Highschool

Actions: Nada to meet with AEOs and go through roles


  • Bell song needs to be checked for appropriateness
  • Nada: students should be given list to choose from
  • Also need appropriate song for after lockdown alarm

Jenadel presented on new Literacy program at high school

  • Day starts at 8.45am now. Straight into intensive numeracy and literacy time. Need AEOs in class supporting learning until 10am.
  • Program involves corrective reading and improving oral comprehension. Call and response style to build language skills.
  • Need community volunteers. Advertise on Facebook

Treasurer Report

  • Patti resigning. Need new treasurer

Actions: Jo C to advertise position for next meeting

Phones in class

  • Jenadel raised issue phones are becoming at Highschool, used in bullying and fights. A safey issue.
  • Minister of Ed supporting schools to ban phones at school. P&C supports ban.
  • Nada: phones should be locked in office or left home. Teachers must be consistent
  • Paul: need to examin staff use. Needs to be planned and put in place properly. Staff need to feel safe. Need a forum across both sites. Get someone to assess alternative communication.

Actions: Paul to organise

NDIS sessions

  • Michelle: 3 NDIS sessions on 27th March. Open to all community. See Flyer for details

Infants playground

  • Aaron: Need someone to follow-up on unsatisfactory workmanship of infants playground. Falling apart and unsafe. Asked Norm to tape it off. Is there a warranty?

Actions: Nada to see Kaye to get invoice and find name of company that made it

Harmony Day

  • 21st March. Taskforce to meet next week.
  • International womens day events at school 7th March

Next meeting

  • Thursday 22nd March 3.30pm at high school

Actions: JC to advertise and book room